Welcome to my website!
A little about me: I was born in Brooklyn, New York but now live in New Jersey with my wife Julie.
Ever since I was a boy and used cameras with pop-in flash bulbs, I’ve had a passion for photography.
When the age of digital cameras arrived and I purchased my first one, I was once again hooked.
That, in turn, inspired me to travel.
My first big trip was to the southwest.
I was awed by the beauty of Arizona and Utah.
I needed to capture the natural wonders I saw so I could share them with others.
I felt the same way when I traveled to Paris and several cities in Italy a couple of years later.
The wonders in Europe were in the architecture – which is unlike anything in the United States.
Since then, I’ve traveled to Canada, the Caribbean, Germany, Prague, London, Belgium, Spain, and back to Paris – all in a relatively short period of time.
I now consider myself an architecture, landscape, and nature photographer.
In 2006, I created the first version of this photo website.
As I did photo exhibits and various shows, I found an audience who loved my visions enough to purchase them.
In 2015, I decided to update the website to a more modern look and feel it exceeded my expectations!
I’ve had options added to purchase my photos three different ways – when you click on a gallery photo, there is an ‘Add to Cart’ button.
Clicking that, there are then options to purchase, and immediately download, medium or large digital JPGs of the photo.
The third option is to purchase a white-matted 8-inch by 10-inch print which will be USPS Priority mailed to you.
Email me for a quote if you’re interested in other sized photos or even canvas prints. I can also transform any photo to black and white or sepia tone.
My website not only contains hundreds of photos in dozens of albums and galleries, but I spent months of research to provide fun and historical facts and observations for each photo.
I hope you enjoy what you see enough to share with friends or on social media.
Also, I am always happy to receive and reply to e-mails so click here to send me your comments, thoughts, and questions!

Sal at the crater

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Thanks for stopping by!

— Sal Zaffuto

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